Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have a few things on my mind: Nbapoka

Excuse me, I have a few things on my mind.
My name is Nbapoka, but many people in Sapoor call me Chairwoman, or Ma.
I am the leader of Pupelum Women's Group, and I really love farming. I believe in hard work. God helps those who help themselves, you see?
I keep quite busy. I'm fetching water; 3rd time today.
I've been thinking about the rain lately, praying that it will fall. Praying that it will come at all.
I'm a Catholic, see my rosary? My husband still holds traditional beliefs, same with his first wife. But I keep praying that one day he'll also be a Catholic. I'm his third wife. The second wife died just a few years ago. I also take care of my granddaughter, and she cries whenever I put her down. My last born is 6 year and he is a good boy at school.
I woke up around 4:30 and soon I'll head to the market, once I've finished preparing lunch for the compound.
We don't have electricity, but the clinic not too far away does, so sometimes my son charges his phone there. The politicians say they will bring lights to our homes soon but I doubt it will happen. But next year is election year, so maybe this will be the time.
I really wish we could get a loan though. For farming. Maybe we could process Shea oil. I heard if you sell it abroad you can be rich. I am proud of our group. The women are serious, and now when we call a meeting, almost all of them attend. We sit under the tree and discuss challenges and ideas and when we need help, we can always get it. The women are good. Now, the men even say that we the women are more serious about farming than them, and now its easier for us to get land.
You see things are just okay. Mostly we are managing and doing our best. The small money we make from farming together can help when the kids cry out for pencils and school sandals.
In the lean season, sometimes we struggle. But we are okay, by God's grace. We know things will improve small small, and we are just doing our best day by day. If only the rains will come, I hope we can have a good harvest this year.
These are just a few of the things on my mind..